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Our Mission


Imprints Press is a children's curriculum and book publisher that inspires imagination and creativity through topics of global literacy, character education, and diversity.


Our culturally appropriate curriculum and stories help children dream of a world beyond their own while promoting positive messages of tolerance, kindness, and self-responsibility.


We believe that creating bonds across cultures at a young age through education and books has the power to change the world and help children become more socially aware global citizens as adults.


Our Story


As world travelers, teachers, and writers, we grew up on the written word. Books were everywhere in our lives and we soaked up all of the stories we could, internalizing them, and in some ways making them part of our identities.


As we got older, we had the opportunity to travel extensively, to interact across boundaries of culture, race, and language, and to learn some very valuable lessons about diversity, character, and what it means to be a global citizen.


We were inspired to start Imprints Press as a means to make a positive impact and to broaden all children's perspectives, even if they don't have the ability to travel far and wide. We believe that learning to be tolerant of different perspectives through curriculum and books is one of the most fundamental building blocks of creating an empathetic, cooperative, and more peaceful world.


Co-founders exploring Sayulita, Mexico

Our Staff

Lisa Mulka


Lisa is an experienced teacher, writer, storyteller, and entrepreneur. She has traveled extensively and believes in storytelling as a medium to learn about other cultures. In addition to her work at Imprints Press, Lisa writes and develops curriculum at Juniper Shore Publications and teaches online writing classes to middle and high school students from around the globe at Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth.


Learn more about Lisa by reading her introduction blog.

Jennifer Chizek


Jennifer is a world traveler and has been working in the field of International Development in sub-Saharan Africa for nearly a decade. She believes in the power of cross-cultural learning and is positive that global literacy focused curriculum and books for kids are the best ways to equip children at a young age with global citizenship skills. She loves writing, crafting stories, and connecting with people across perceived boundaries.


Learn more about Jennifer by reading her introduction blog.


Join us in our story as we seek to make a positive imprint
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