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Global Citizen Series: Community

Get a slice of our K-2 Citizen of the World curriculum with our Global Citizen Series. These smaller, topic-specific units, are meant to help you easily integrate global teaching into your classroom at an affordable cost.


In this Community Global Citizen Series you will find:


  • Over 25+ pages of lesson plans and student printables.


  • Three in-depth lessons focusing on understanding concepts of community, citizenship, and career.


  • Detailed teacher's guide, student worksheets, extension activities, cross-curricular connections, key vocabulary words, grade level modifications, teacher tips, and more!


  • Alignment to CCSS ELA and Math, National Social Studies Standards, and Global Competence Grade Level Indicators.


  • FUN and engaging activities to help students explore global citizenship!

Want to try before you buy? Get FREE lessons here.


Please note that due to file size, this may take a few minutes to download. We appreciate your patience!

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