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K-2 Citizen of the World Curriculum


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Citizen of the World is a comprehensive, standards-based K–2 global literacy curriculum that will have your students dreaming of a world beyond the classroom.


  • Over 170+ pages of lesson plans and student printables


  • Aligns to CCSS ELA and Math, National Social Studies Standards, and Global Competence Grade Level Indicators


  • Every lesson includes detailed teacher's guide, student worksheets, extension activities, cross-curricular connections, key vocabulary words, grade level modifications, teacher tips, and more!


Bringing global awareness, tolerance, and diversity into the classroom at a young age, Citizen of the World is a fun, engaging resource to inspire the next generation of global citizens.

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Coming Soon...

This diverse children's book about a young entrepreneur in Tanzania introduces kids to East African culture, the importance of community, and the topic of financial literacy.


Kids will learn that anyone can make positive changes in their lives, even when they are young, and that it's never too early to start saving!


Beautifully illustrated, this book will become a favorite in the daily-reading lineup!



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